Different types of Housing for Seniors

Where would we go?

Seniors  are facing one of the most  important decisions in their life. We are her to help families to  moving in the right direction and will show them how to move from a memorable past into a bright future.

Seniors who once had a beautiful home with even the most simplest upkeep can find it very difficult to move around. We are here to help families facing this dilemma with their loved ones to transition from their family home to a new residence. 

A must read is " Moving in the Right direction " by Bruce Nemovitz. Call us for more info and a free copy of this book.!

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At the Robin Breding team we strive to help with

  • 1 Downsizing a large household
  • 2 Overcoming anxiety and procrastination
  • 3 Locating professionals for every stip of the moving process.
  • 4 Assessing whether to fix up a home or sell " As Is" 
  • 5Working through family issues
  • Finding the right type of housing
    -Robin Breding