Informational Videos

8 Things You Don't Know About Assisted Living


You're going to hear more and more about assisted living facilities in the coming years.  Simple facts are more people are needing care as they age.   But they might not need so much care they need to go to nursing home.  And this is why I did this video. 

A Day In The Life


 "The dedication and passion of all the big-hearted people who choose to serve seniors is a reason why resident-centered senior living is the fastest-growing long-term services and support option in the United States."

What should I look for when touring an Assisted Living Facility?


  "Helpful Tips when Transitioning to Assisted Living Communities." 

How to select an assisted living facility for seniors


Tom Church, Via Christi Health's President and CEO of the Catholic Care Center, discusses how to best choose an assisted living facility for seniors who are needing care. 

Helping Senior Citizens Downsize Without Stress


Voltaire Lepe & Sandi Menderson talk about some tricks of the trade that Senior Citizens can use in order to Downsize without the Stress! 

Moving and Downsizing from a Senior's Perspective


A senior's perspective on downsizing   Ship Shape Organize, LLC evaluates residential organizational needs and provides strategies and tools to minimize the clutter and organize the space for optimal efficiency.  Ship Shape also handles moves and unpacking.  Professional Organizers serving the North Shore and metro-Boston area.